Over 14.6 million vehicles worldwide run on propane AutoGas, the world's most widely used alternative fuel. -

On-site fueling stations at your fleet base as well as a nationwide network of public fueling stations.

Propane AutoGas is the only alternative energy that is here now, cost effective and readily available across the USA.

Over 90% of Propane AutoGas is domestically produced.

With lower greenhouse gas emissions Propane AutoGas provides excellent Green branding opportunities.

PROPANE AUTOGAS VEHICLES have the longest driving range of any alternative fuel more than 250 percent farther than compressed natural gas, about 60 percent farther than methanol, and 25 percent farther than ethanol.

Because Propane AutoGas burns cleaner with virtually no carbon build up, Propane AutoGas vehicle fleets nationwide have consistently reported two to three years longer service life and extended intervals between required maintenance when compared to their gasoline-powered counterparts.

Ease of refueling a Propane AutoGas vehicle has helped grow the use of this outstanding alternative fuel. With thousands of refueling stations across the USA, as well as onsite fleet fueling facilities installed and serviced by DiSanto Autogas, a robust infrastructure is in place to support its implementation as a highly desirable primary fleet fuel.